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Take action with your data.

Turn all your data into a performance driver for your company.

Centralize, structure and secure your data quickly and without limits, making it usable on a daily basis every day.

DBT has never been more efficient than with DataTask.

  • Switch to production ready mode in a few clicks.
  • Go beyond the limits of DBT without increasing costs.
  • Focus on the essentials with DBT, enjoy a simplified experience.
  • DataTask drives your DBT projects.

Why choose DataTask

DataTask radically simplifies your projects by focusing on data transformation and production.

Immediate availability

  • Your platform in 1 hour.
  • Your data onboarded in 1 week.
  • Your first data products in 1 month.

Production ready

Save time when moving from raw data to product. Activate data without unnecessary steps.

Reduced operating costs

A simple interface to create and operate your data products without having to hire data-engineers.


No exposure to the Cloud Act. A 100% French solution.

On the Cloud or On-Premise

DataTask runs on your preferred environment: Scaleway, Clever Cloud, GCP, AWS, Azure or at your premises.

An extensible platform

Build your own solution using DataTask.


Over the years, DataTask has become essential for our clients.


Your projects can be executed with or without DataTask.

Use cases

Discover how DataTask can help you accelerate your data projects, whatever your field of application or level of expertise.

Use DBT in DataTask to model, document and validate your data

DataTask is the ideal platform for using DBT, the open source framework framework for data management.

With DataTask :

  • Design your data using SQL and DBT logic.
  • Document your data automatically from your models, sources and tests.
  • Validate your data by creating and running quality and consistency tests.

Customer success

Our customers use their data successfully with DataTask.

Idylle labs

Mathieu Grisolia - Managing Director

"The partnership with DataTask was decisive in scaling up the prototype we had produced in-house. The right balance between the agility of the datalab for its development and a packaged industrial approach to Google's services enabled us to put a simple, robust product in the hands of our subsidiaries sales staff!"

They put their data at the heart of their business with DataTask.

Boost your business by leveraging your data

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