Next generation Data-Platform

Concentrate on your data, not on operations.

Stay focus and accelerate your data products.

Get your platform

Adopt the 3 x 1 rule

1 day to get your platform

1 week to onboard your data

1 month to put your data product online

Focus on high value tasks

Your Data Product is the visible part of the iceberg

Let us manage all parts needed to run it

Fully managed cloud service

Everything you need to develop a Data-Product without the need to hire high skilled engineers.

AI powered operations management

At the core of DataTask there're tons of AI powered process to optimise your platform.

Data workloads optimized

DataTask is build to create Data-Products and everything is done to increase their efficiency.

One place to manage all your Data-Products

Why is DataTask different ?

Time to market

From Data to insight and API in an unprecedent time.

Drastically reduce build and deploy time of your Data Products.

Safe and Secure

Your data is stored on your own tenant.

Strong compliance with the GDPR.

Cost effective

Shrink cost by using the elasticity of Cloud technologies.

Provision resources on demand, to fit your workloads.

Cloud native Data-Platform

DataTask is born in the cloud.

We are cloud agnostic.

We run on your preferred cloud.

Mathieu Grisolia

Managing Director - Idylle labs

"The partnership with Datatask was decisive in scaling up the prototype that we had produced in-house. The right balance between the agility of the datalab for its development and a packaged industrial approach to Google Cloud Platform allowed us to put in the hands of the sales representatives of our subsidiaries a simple and robust product !"