Within Datatask. There’s already a setup GITBOX that’s ready to be used.

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Follow the link with your appropriated login credentials and you’ll end up in the gitbox dashboard.

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You can do whatever actions you need (push, pull, clone, stash, revert, etc…​)


There’s a git extension setup with the DATALAB.

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Let’s see how to use it

First, you have to setup your credentials, in order to define who is doing the actions

mkdir /root/.local/gitcred
vim /root/.local/gitcred/usercredentials
git config --global credential.helper 'store --file /root/.local/gitcred/usercredentials'

Then you can use the git interface.

  • Cloning a repository:

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Just cloned trial, enter the repository and go to git interface, you should have

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  • Pull, commit and push

Modifying a file in the git repository leads to a changed status in the git interface !!

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If you stage your modification you can commit

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After have commited your changes, you can know push them in the git repository, pressing it just one time

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Go to the git repository, making sure it’s well pushed

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And if you want to pull the latest changes

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The set up git remains above all a git. Therefore, it can be used with whatever client git you may have ex: command line unix git, gitbash for windows or Git extensions in IDE (Pycharm, Visual Studio, etc…​) On your setup gitbox, just copy the http git link:

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Then, you can clone it providing appropriated credentials

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